Polyphonic Me Contextual Research – Playlist Reference

Compile a playlist of reference tracks that apply an approach you may take with this module. Think about artists who utilise some of the techniques that we have covered,  how might this apply to your own compositional style. https://open.spotify.com/user/1143419181/playlist/5i2z7kIftfuiZ5LDQJKdWp


Polyphonic Me Session 5 – Sample and Hold Pt 1

You will need to make 1-minutes worth of music that is only composed from exisiting pieces of recorded music. You can sample from any source but Spotify / youtube will give you a vast library to work from. There are numerous ways to utlise recordings as samples but extracting 'single hits' (one single rhythmic event …

Plug and Play ST4: Raymond Carver – Short Story

Summarise the short story by Raymond Carver - Popular mechanics then using the Lyric scaffold and draft lyric checklist, construct a lyric based on this story and compose a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2qGLtgZuM4   VERSE The eye of storm Has Ran its course Destroying us all What remains Is a glimpse of the past? This love won’t sustain …