Creative Strategies 3: Music for Networks and Communities, Semester 2 – ST9

Project Evaluation

To begin with, I think it is important to state that I feel my personal role in this assessment could have been delivered with much more confidence and enthusiasm. We had decided that my role would include introducing the audience to our performance concept and explaining the way in which the workshop would run. I was also tasked with making sure the parts of the performance linked to the Facebook Messenger group chat we created prior to beginning were running smoothly. I am not comfortable when public speaking, nor do I feel that I have the right personality to be a presenter, but, part of the reason why I feel this way is that I haven’t pushed myself to be a performer. Having a more forward-facing role in this assessment pushed me well and truly out of my comfort zone, and I enjoyed it.

In terms of the way the performance itself ran, I believe that on the whole it ran fairly smoothly given the time pressure we were under to rehearse and develop it. Everybody performed their roles to a high standard and the objective of the exercise was made clear. Likewise, it appeared to me that the audience itself was engaged by the premise and responded in the way we had expected. There was even a lighthearted atmosphere in the room, aided in no small part to the individuality shown by the audience members in the group chat, leading to some small bouts of laughter. The idea itself was simple and in light of the pressures of performing live, I believe that this was a smart decision on our part.

There were some aspects, however, that I feel could have been changed to take the performance up a level. For instance, we didn’t have the Facebook Messenger group chat projected or streamed to one of the screens in the room, which was an oversight on our part. Having the emojis appearing on screen as they were sent in would have alleviated the need for the audience to look at their phones excessively, thus improving their engagement. Another part that I believe could have been better was the transitions between our Powerpoint presentation and the videos we decided on using. Ideally, we were hoping to figure out a way in which Ableton could be used to trigger the videos but under our time constraints, we decided to forgo this idea. A final point in which we could have improved is the overall clarity of the powerpoint, Kieran and I both noticed some people towards the back of the hall struggling to see the emojis we were referring to. Perhaps using a different presenting software that works a little more intuitively than Powerpoint, but such a software is not something I’m aware of.

As I mentioned above, the performance as a whole ran fairly smoothly and I think that if we’d had more time to rehearse and plan without the strain of looming deadlines it would have given us the chance to make the workshop good, rather than merely passable. I enjoyed the process of planning the assessment, and finding an alternative use for the connectivity social media allows us was truly an eye-opener.


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