Creative Strategies 3: Music for Networks and Communities, Semester 2 – ST7

Project Proposal

Our proposal for the final assessment is to construct a workshop in which we will perform, but also place a strong emphasis on audience participation and improvisational performance.


We feel that collaborative play is an essential aspect in the creation of an engaging workshop/performance and because of this, we want our audience to be able to select and alter the visual stimuli to which we perform. We are hoping that the workshop will run for around seven to ten minutes in total.


In preparation for this performance, we would like members of the audience to send us around eight or ten images based on four themes that we will give them. The reasoning behind having the audience send in images prior to the performance is this that we would like to be able to perform to different stimuli, for example, if we are sent ten pictures of a horse, the musical accompaniment will quickly become stale. By screening the images beforehand, we are given the opportunity to select images that are different from one another, and thus allow the performance to be more engaging.

We will begin the workshop with Kieran giving an introduction to the concept behind this performance and outlining the structure. He will explain how we will be performing to the images that they have selected.


Kieran and Kyle will then take their positions on either side of the projector, Rachel will set up behind a keyboard, Ross will set up behind a drum pad or MacBook running Logic Pro X, and I will take up position behind a computer to administrate, which simply means my responsibility will be to ensure that the session runs smoothly, the images are being projected on screen, and that the audience is participating in the selection process.



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