Creative Strategies 3: Music for Networks and Communities, Semester 2 – ST2

Audience Participation

Our idea for ST1 was based on the development or rhythmic motifs, and the encouragement of an improvisational approach to collaboration with one another. We felt that in developing this idea we would achieve a higher level of engagement from the audience if we kept it simple and enjoyable. As such, the way in which we developed our initial idea was to bring the audience into a tight circle, creating intimacy and the chance for everybody to see everybody else, then, much like the beatboxing workshop in semester 1, we would begin with an initial idea that could then be ‘passed off’ to somebody else who then develops it any way they feel like. The idea is simple but employs some performance methods that are exceedingly valuable in network and community performances such as this. The simplicity of this idea also gives us and the audience the ability to create and grow and feed off of one anothers musical ideas organically.


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