The Production Project: Contextual Research and Market Analysis Task: Platforms and Audiences


Magazines that are considered to be tastemakers in the country music scene are Country Music Magazine (published once in every two months) who feature reviews, interviews and shine some light on new artists. Another example is Country Music People (published once a month) who are the biggest country music magazine in Europe and are the recipients of a CMA award. Maverick (published once in every two months) is also considered a leading magazine for the country music scene.

Blogs that focus on country music are,, and All three of these websites have multiple authors and a constant stream of content ranging from album reviews to social media posts to gig reviews to trivia.

With the dominance of the internet as a means for music consumption, YouTube channels are an important and incredibly useful means to expand an artists’ demographic. Behind the scenes, interviews, stripped back versions of songs, rig rundowns and light-hearted fun all give the audience a chance to connect with an artist on a more personal level. Channels that feature this kind of content include Country Rebel, NPR Music – Tiny Desk Concert, and perhaps most importantly given its significance within the Nashville scene, the Grand Ole Opry.


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