Creative Strategies 3: Music for Networks and Communities, Semester 1 – ST3: Technology

I have chosen to focus my attention on The Music Works, an organisation operating in the Gloucestershire area that provides workshops and counselling for young people with challenging circumstances in their lives. Their main focus is to engage with their clients through music practice in order to increase confidence, resolve negative behaviours and ultimately make a positive change that will allow them to reach their full potential.

With music being such a technology-oriented industry, The Music Works have understandably integrated technology into their practice. It is worth mentioning that technology doesn’t necessarily have to be anything electrical, it can simply mean an acoustic guitar, a xylophone, a homemade drum, or a saucepan and wooden spoon. The part that matters is how this technology is used to benefit clients.

One aspect of The Music Works’ implementation of technology is in their recording studios/rehearsal spaces. These are used to allow clients to not only learn a valuable skill (being taught production techniques and so on) but it also aids in building confidence. Walking into a studio and having to record something or produce something can be a daunting experience, but as a client becomes more familiar with the equipment, they will find themselves becoming more competent when using said equipment. The ability to do something, no matter how small, in an imposing environment can prove to be a huge bolsterer of confidence.

Another aspect of the company’s use of music technology is through their online video library, which aids in furthering their clients’ understanding of studio practices. Their work also involves giving clients the tools to create their own music through the teaching of plugins, sampling, digital audio workstations and studio routing. This gives clients the opportunity to create their own music within the sphere of community music, thus enabling creativity in a safe and supportive environment.

The Music Works also respect the privacy of their participants and employ a very strict social media policy in order to protect their clients. Through technology, The Music Works helps to increase the confidence, and work through the problems, of their clients in a safe and engaging environment.


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