Polyphonic Me Module Task 2 – Using the Looper

Working in the EW009 rooms you will need to create a short performance using Ableton and the Looper devise. You can work as an individual or in small groups (2-3 max). You can approach the task with either a single Looper or multiple Loopers – Use session 4 & 5 videos to guide you. Record the short performance as either a video (phone) or as a screen capture of Ableton. Post this to your Process Folio.

I’ve found in the process of learning how to use Ableton that this application resonates with me more than any other. The simplicity of being able to build and craft a track around something as simple as a four bar phrase is really appealing and is an approach I would be interested in pursuing further should I have the chance. Even without using a drumbeat the use of this looper, to me at least, is a very textural one; building up layers of harmony and rhythm and finding ways to slot new parts in amidst existing ones is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. In light of this I find myself seriously considering purchasing a MIDI foot controller to experiment more with my own approach to looping and to expand my knowledge of Ableton’s capabilities as both a performative and compositional tool.


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