Visual Musicianship Set Task 6 – Final Video Reflection

Thinking back on all the tasks I’ve had to do for this module the scratch was definitely the one that resonated with me the most and for that reason I decided that my final project for this module would be in the style of a scratch.

Before making this video I’d been working on a song that had no lyrics and a sort of dark, foreboding feel to it. Lots of repetition and droning melodies that help create a tense atmosphere. The song is still in the demo stage of its life but I think the footage I’ve chosen works well with its tone and mood. There’s a loose story being told throughout the video, that life begins, man evolves and creates beautiful and impressive things, our selfishness and intolerance lead to war, we destroy everything we created and have to begin again.

As far as video production there were a few things I could have done to improve the quality and give more interest to the video. The main point of improvement would have been to use more effects and layers to give the video more textural interest. Given the subject of the video effects that make the footage look as if its breaking, glitching or burning. I also could have gathered a lot more footage to illustrate the video’s narrative a little more clearly.

Overall, as a video made by a beginner editor I think it could be a lot worse. However, since completing the video I’ve learned a lot more about the editing process, namely by watching tutorials and experimenting with layers, Lumetri scopes, speed and duration effects and reversing clips in time with music. I’d like to have another try at making a video of this style when I complete the song to go along with it.


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