Visual Musicianship Set Task 4 – Acapella Audio/Visual Samples

Another Kudimanesque video. This one was a whole lot easier because it took away the long-windedness of trawling through YouTube trying to find suitable clips. Instead, you just record yourself slapping and whacking a few things along with a couple of accent sounds then arrange them together just as you would when making a drum beat in Ultrabeat.

There was more I could’ve added to this video. Different sounds, new sections and such but it was getting really tiresome after having spent the entire day editing the other videos that came before this one. It serves me right for leaving everything to build up while I pretended it was fine.

Anyway, despite my failings in productivity, I’m still fairly pleased with the way this video turned out. I managed to sync the beats together pretty well and the samples themselves are different enough from each other that they each bring something new to the party. It’s not a bad video, just one I could’ve worked on for longer.


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