Visual Musicianship Set Task 3 – Audio/Visual Samples

This video is inspired by the work of Kudiman who takes clips from various audio/visual sources then mashes them together to make pretty amazing sounding songs. Unfortunately, I don’t possess this kind of skill so my attempt is admittedly very poor. I admire and respect the skill and willingness to work that Kudiman puts into creating his media but I just couldn’t do it.

I spent hours. Literal hours, scouring YouTube for clips that I could use, clips that I could somehow cut together to make a vaguely musical sounding video but it didn’t work out so well. In the end, I chose two clips that I knew were both playing at 90 bpm and sampled them together to make a track.

They formed the foundation pretty nicely but there was something missing, so I played around with how they came in and out of the video. This change added a little more interest but it still didn’t quite hit the mark. I decided to use something that wasn’t musical to break up the relatively monotonous nature of the drums and bass, and this something was Gordon Ramsay yelling ‘where’s the lamb sauce!?’ It was totally unrelated to the track but adding it in made me laugh.

So here it is: drums, bass and lamb sauce.


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