Visual Musicianship Set Task 2 – Scratch

A scratch video is one where you take ‘found’ or archive footage and cut it together to give it new meaning, usually set to music with some kind of underlying pseudo-political message. I don’t feel that making those kinds of videos is helpful in any way, it seems like a political statement for the sake of political statement and doesn’t really breed any debate, conversation or change.

So to highlight just how simple it would be to make one of these videos I made one about nuclear warfare. I chose to use the Fallout 4 theme song, written by Inon Zur because the franchise is intrinsically associated with the subject. All else I needed to do was grab some footage of bombs exploding and some propaganda and cut it together. Simple.

However, while creating the video I realised that I had no real idea how to use Premiere Pro so in many ways my final project is somewhat lacking. I’d like to revisit this style of video in the future, perhaps as my final project.


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