Visual Musicianship Set Task 1 – Shred

Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine. A classic. Loved by millions and hailed as one of the best songs ever written.

I have just butchered it.

As far as I can tell a shred is taking a song, more often than not a live recording, and re-dubbing it with a less than stellar performance by yourself. The choice to use this song came fairly quickly to me; I already knew my way around the parts so messing them up would be a straightforward task. As a bonus, the popularity of the band and the song itself gave me hundreds upon hundreds of videos to choose from.

The shred was made by loading the video into Logic Pro X, muting the audio and recording new audio over it. I made note of what was happening on camera for each instrument so I could sync my newly recorded audio to the existing video. The end product sounded fairly sparse however so I added in some audio of a crowd screaming to fill out the sound and add a level of realism to the video.


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