Polyphonic Me Session 8 – Synthtopia 2

You will need to sound design the following only using the factory patch:

A bass sound:
This should be in Mono, contain sub frequencies and benefit from timbre (filter, waveform)  modulation.

A pad sound:
A rich, thick and slowly evolving pad sound useful for sustained chords and pedal notes.

A bell-like keyboard sound:
Try to emulate a bell-like sound,  FM synthesis can help with this, use AMP release to emulate the natural decay of a bell sound.

A percussive keyboard sound:
A short percussive keyboard sound that can cut through the mix.

A lead sound:
An expressive lead sound that offers useful modulation, this should be in mono.  The Sync synthesiser engine is a good starting point for the oscillators.

Compose a short section of music with your sounds, (1-minute max)  try to make sure they contrast each other.  You can also use MIDI FX and other sequencing techniques that develop parts and instrumentation.



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