Polyphonic Me Contextual Research – Track Analysis

Contextual Research Task – Song Analysis

Ward Thomas – Carry You Home


Ward Thomas’s song ‘Carry You home’ is a pop/country track laden with reverb, synths and vocal harmonies. It follows the familiar structure of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro. The key is B minor which is often associated with an announcement of wild passion and strong emotions such as love or anger (the former in this case), with the heart’s despair lying at its centre. The key seems to fit the overall message of the song, a promise to be there for somebody whenever they need you.

In terms of rhythm, the sing has a very powerful, driving beat during the choruses that changes to a half time feel during the bridge and outro. The vocal harmonies during the outro are particularly effective; they give an uplifting, triumphant feeling to the final moments of the song.

In essence ‘Carry You Home’ is just a pop song written by two country singers; four chords, a catchy chorus and bass-heavy drum beat pulsing almost continuously. But it’s more than that. It’s a demonstration that Ward Thomas are able to pull off a pop song with just as much confidence and expertise as they do country.


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