Polyphonic Me Contextual Research – Production Statement


Contextual Research Task – Production Statement

This track wasn’t the one I planned on writing. My initial thought was to write something in a style familiar to my own and add a few electronic elements to flesh it out and create a little interest. So, in essence, I would’ve ended up with a country/electronic fusion track. As you can tell by listening to finished track it most certainly isn’t a country song. The reason behind this is that I don’t have confidence in my ability to produce something like that. Because of this, I decided to rethink the original idea I had which revolved around an A minor, F, C, G/B chord progression. In the second verse, a guitar actually plays this initial idea as an accent to the synths.

I used note repeaters and arpeggiators to create a sense that the song was building towards something, particularly in pre-choruses. In the bridge their role became almost like a rhythmic drone, just constantly pushing the section forwards towards the final chorus. I also used Logic’s Ultrabeat drum designer for all of the percussion in this track. I chose a bass-heavy kit because it really suited the style and I feel it is quite effective during the verses and chorus alike. The only physical instrument used in the track is an electric guitar playing simple accents and fleshing out areas of sparsity where they weren’t required.

All in all, I feel pleased with this result. I enjoyed writing it and it showed me just how much my skills with using Logic have developed since September. However, I have a few criticisms, things that could be improved upon. First of all, I would redesign the main synth sound. I found that when I held a note for just over two bars the sound would become incredibly loud and fuzzy and this limited some of the elements I would have liked to add to the piece. This is obviously down to my lack of expertise when it comes to using Logic so it’s an area I would like to improve. I would also customise the arpeggiator a little more. When I finished the track the arpeggiators was bouncing solely between two notes an octave apart; looking back I would have set it to move almost randomly between two octaves, including the chordal notes in between. My final criticism is that the song itself doesn’t feel fully realised. I did my best with it but as I mentioned above, this style is unfamiliar to me and I would like to take another stab at this sort of production in a year’s time after some practice.


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