Plug and Play ST5: The Cover Song

In groups (minimum of 3) you will research and decide on a cover that you will record and playback via your blog perform next week. Your groups must:

– Explain and present to the class your MUSICAL reasons for your choice.

– You should cover how you have arranged the music, who did what, how it has transitioned in sound and why.

– You must explain and back up artistically all your reasons for your decisions.

– Everyone in your group has to play or sing or do something that has contributed to the cover version and everyone has to input on how the arrangement will be manifested.

– You must re harmonise some of the song and change the groove and feel. You cannot miss out lyrics – all have to be included.
- You can rephrase change key to suit the main vocalist

This is POLAR FIELDS’ cover of Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader.


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