Polyphonic Me Session 2 – Grid Aesthetics I

You will need to draw on the techniques from the session to create a short ‘electronic etude’  (instrumental study). You must use the GRID  or /and  Step Sequencing approach to create pattern based music.

Use both the Video Recap – GRID Sequencing &  Video Recap – Step Sequencing to remind you of these techniques and download the Step Sequencer GRID to work in.

This is not a full track in itself but the making of harmonic/melodic textures and layers that should make use of chord sequences.  Possibly avoid drum layers or trying to compose a ‘full band’ track and focus on the quality of the pattern and layering of the pitched content.

You should use at least three layers and these can be broken up into bass,  chordal,  and top-line layers for a fuller sound.

Try to think about the type of sounds you are using, synthetic, organic? Use sound design where necessary to sculpt the sounds for the patterns you are creating.

Use the Listening Playlist to give yourself an idea of the musical territory that is indicative of patterned composition, however, this technique can be applied to many other musical styles as an instrumentation method.



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