Polyphonic Me Session 1 – Logic X Challenge

Working with LOGIC X only, try to complete as many of these instructions as possible – if you’re not sure of how then leave that instruction out.

Each challenge component is listed by a letter; when you come to name your piece, use the letters and arrange them in the order you thought was most successful.

A. Make a piece of music lasting between 1.00 & 2.00
B. Use a time signature of either 3/4 5/4 or 6/4
C. Do not use any apple loops
D. Use the audio files provided within the track in someway
E. Demonstrate the musical use of reverb or delay
G. Do not repeat any melodic or pitched phrase exactly more than 4 times – you must create variation.
H. Demonstrate use of automation
I.  Utilise pan to create stereo balance

You can use any of LOGIC’s instruments or external sound sources as you choose to complete the piece.

Save the project and bounce your track down as audio and place on your blog.



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