Plug and Play: The Black Crowes: She Talks to Angels

This song holds a lot of meaning for me. It’s the first song I can remember hearing (thanks mam and dad!) and it’s stuck with me in a way no other song ever has. Usually, a song will come along and it’ll blow me away, and I’ll listen to it almost nonstop until something new comes along and I forget about that song and the cycle repeats. She Talks to Angels didn’t fall victim to my quite limited attention span. It’s a constant. It’s a comfort. It’s an inspiration.

This song is also the one that really sparked my interest in music. The path I’m on right now started in the back seat of my parents’ car seventeen years ago. Angels was a driving force in my musical development and continues to bring a smile to my face to this day. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I truly love this song. When I hear those opening notes, that acoustic guitar motif, I feel retrospective. It makes me think back to where I started and look to where I am now and feel humbled that such a seemingly insignificant event was responsible for turning me into the musician I am today.

To anybody reading this I implore you to listen to this song and perhaps even share in the joy that it brings me.

I am a guitarist because of this song. I am a musician because of this song. And I am eternally grateful.

Thank You.





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